Utility vehicle

Fitting your utility van

Many professionals use a van for their work, particularly in the construction sector, but few are aware of the benefits that can be gained by fitting out a utility vehicle. Why and how to do it, we explain everything to…

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Rent a utility to move successfully from your house

The choice of vehicle is made according to the area you want to move and the type of goods you need to transport. First, make a precise estimate of the volume you will be carrying in order to choose the…

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The utility vehicle, is it a good deal?

Several criteria of the commercial vehicle define whether or not the professional who has chosen to buy this vehicle benefits from certain advantages. It is the purchasing environment and the type of commercial vehicle that most determines these rights. Buying…

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A variety of utilities that make your life easier

Car rental agencies offer a wide range of commercial vehicles for all your needs. Whether you are a private individual or an entrepreneur, you will be able to find the van that best suits your budget and the reason for…

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Commercial vehicles and the needs of professionals

Car rental agencies have also thought of professionals. Trucks, vans or vans have been grouped together to meet all your rental needs (freight transport, moving…) Rent a Renault 20m3 The Renault 20m3 is a utility vehicle suitable for transporting furniture…

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