Published on : 03 July 20192 min reading time

The choice of vehicle is made according to the area you want to move and the type of goods you need to transport. First, make a precise estimate of the volume you will be carrying in order to choose the right utility. This will save you time because you will not have to make a second trip to transport one or two pieces of furniture that would not fit into the first convoy.

The Renault Kangoo

To move your studio, moreover you live alone and you don’t have much luggage, no rare rooms and no luxury furniture, a cheap and medium sized car will do.

Renting a Renault Kangoo is ideal for small volumes, it can accommodate from 1,205 to 1,430 kg.

It is an automobile manufactured by Renault since October 1997, it is presented as a family car highlighting the large volume of its interior.

The Renault Master

When moving your apartment, it is important to calculate the volume you will be transporting in order to choose the ideal car.

Renting a Renault Master will be very useful to you; it has a large storage volume to transport a maximum of business at a lower cost.

The Renault Master is a 3.5-tonne vehicle marketed since 1980.

The master is the best-selling van in France; it has undergone several modifications over the years to improve its performance in order to guarantee a safe removal of your luggage and furniture thanks to its powerful engine and stable posture.

Each commercial vehicle has a very specific need.