Several criteria of the commercial vehicle define whether or not the professional who has chosen to buy this vehicle benefits from certain advantages. It is the purchasing environment and the type of commercial vehicle that most determines these rights.

Buying or leasing a utility: several options

You can rent a utility car with an option to purchase. You can pay your car rental monthly until the rental amounts paid reach the price of the vehicle, until the utility vehicle is the property of your lessor. This procedure is carried out under a contract indicating the price of the utility of your choice. When it ends, you will have the opportunity to buy back the vehicle.

Service offered with commercial vehicles

When you decide to rent or buy a commercial vehicle, many services are available to you, such as the gas card, maintenance, servicing, and replacement by another vehicle. The price of these services will be included in the monthly payment... For insurance, you have the choice between the one recommended by your rental agency or a service provider of your choice.

Taxes and benefits

There are two main taxes to be paid when renting a commercial car, VAT and professional tax. These expenses vary depending on the price of the chosen utility vehicle, the type of rental and the rate of CO2 emissions in that car. When you buy a commercial vehicle, you can benefit from the State subsidy for electric or hybrid vehicles (CNG and LPG).