Published on : 03 July 20192 min reading time

Car rental agencies have also thought of professionals. Trucks, vans or vans have been grouped together to meet all your rental needs (freight transport, moving…)

Rent a Renault 20m3

The Renault 20m3 is a utility vehicle suitable for transporting furniture or goods on all types of terrain and regardless of the length of the journey. If you’re going to drive in the city, this vehicle will seem a little larger than the Sedan. It is very easy to drive, load and unload this car your luggage. The height of the bucket allows you to safely hold your equipment. However, be careful if you pass under a tunnel or underground parking lot.

Rental Renault 203mHayon

The 20m3 Hayon pickup truck is perfect for small loads if you have equipment, furniture, and household appliances to transport. If you have little luggage for furniture, this is a van ideally suited for smaller luggage. This type of vehicle is not often used for single trips.

Feel free to consult the different offers of your car rental company to obtain the one that best suits your budget and your journey.

Tipper truck rental

The dump truck range is ideal for transport on construction sites. This type of vehicle allows you, for example, to mobilize your construction equipment. Professionals choose this truck for its driving flexibility but also for its ease of charging and discharging. The tipper also stands out for its robustness: its ability to support heavy loads.