Published on : 03 July 20193 min reading time

Travel sometimes requires motor vehicles. However, sometimes we don’t like to mix too much with others, why not take a VTC then?

What is a VTC?

VTCs or Passenger Vehicles are often confused with Drivers with other types of transport classifications. Indeed, even if they have the same goal: to go from one point to another by being driven, they have distinctive characteristics. The VTC is an individual and personal means of transport from the moment you book online. With the VTC, everything is set in advance, including the route, the time to be respected and the price to be paid. It is different from conventional taxis that we stop on the road on the fly or what we take from taxi parking lots. The latter are only paid after the service has been rendered.

The advantages of a VTC

A new fast and secure taxi service opt for the passenger vehicle with driver. Yes, with the VTC, we get more advantages than disadvantages. Luxurious and comfortable car, thanks to VTC, it is no longer necessary to wait hours and minutes before having a taxi like traditional taxi services. All you have to do is book a car online at a specific time and place where you can be picked up. The route to be taken is also discussed in advance at the time of booking. This price remains unchanged, regardless of the traffic that the VTC driver may encounter during his trip. It is a means of transport where it is guaranteed to have a vehicle for sure. In addition, the latter does not have the light signaling on their roof. It is difficult to spot, but it remains discreet as a private car for those who wish to remain discreet throughout the circuit. Moreover, certainly its high cost, this type of taxi service offers you a little extra. Is that the aviation service on land? Yes, you can get bottled water, recent newspapers, etc. Need punctuality and speed, the VTC is made for you!

The quality of VTCs in Belgium

VTCs in Belgium have been very successful since their introduction. Indeed, it attracts the attention of customers thanks to its easy and practical operating mode. This attraction for VTC in Belgium is justified by the top-of-the-range cars they use to provide you with a route in the best possible conditions. In addition, it offers a better service to Belgian airports that is easy to move from one airport to another, especially for those on business trips. In addition, the price to be paid is also lower since it is fixed in advance.