After making the decision to sell your car, it is time for the owner to choose the most appropriate sales method. Two options are possible: selling to individuals or going to a professional. In the first case, the sale may take a little longer, but could be more profitable than the sale to a professional. But if on the contrary the owner chooses a quick sale then it would be better to turn to a professional or a sales site.

Some practical information before the sale

But before choosing your sales option, it would be good to know the value of the car. The calculation of the Argus odds can be a good thing. The Argus rating is a simple and convenient calculation based on make and model, mileage and year of commissioning, which allows for an evaluation of the vehicle.   Another trick is to consult the classified ads in order to get an idea of the selling price of cars of the same brand. Once this step is completed, it is now time to focus on the condition of the car. It would be good to know that no matter what the condition of the car, there will always be benefits to be gained.   Indeed, a car sale can be made even if the car no longer drives, or if it has been damaged by an accident. In the case of damaged cars, they can be sold as spare parts to private individuals or even to professionals. If the car is in perfect working order and the owner wanted to put all the chances on his side when selling it, he would be advised to check the engine and electrical accessories before carrying out a thorough cleaning of the car inside and outside.   It is also important to check the condition of the tires. For cars that have broken down, are involved in accidents or do not drive, it is also possible to sell them for parts. Cars that have broken down can also be sold, but the condition of the car must be clearly specified.

Sale to individuals or professionals

Once the value of the old car is known, the checks and cleaning are done, it is time to switch to the sales mode that could suit the owner. If he wants to get his car back quickly then the best thing would be to go to a professional like: buy or ... etc.. The sale is very quickly concluded after an estimate of the car. Most professionals have sites that are very easy to use. Based on information such as make, model, mileage and year of commissioning, a rough estimate is made.   Then, if the price is convenient for the owner, an appointment is made and a final estimate is made by an expert. If until then both parties still agree on the price, the sale is concluded and payment is usually made within two days. In case the owner decides to sell his car to private individuals, he should consider writing a classified ad. The classified ad should contain as much detail as possible about the vehicle's accessories and options. After closing the sale and in the event of payment by cheque, it would be preferable to check with the issuing bank to avoid the risk of a blank cheque. When selling your car, it is better to make the right choice and ask yourself the right questions. Would a quick sale be ideal or a sale to a private individual is more appropriate? Whether his car is in perfect working order or even if it no longer drives, there is certainly a professional or even a private individual who will want to buy it back.