When it comes to transporting materials or merchandise, certain rules must be respected, for example if the merchandise is fresh it means that it must be transported in low temperatures and if your product is toxic it will have to take other precautions such as a load restraint system, which is a partition between the driving cabin and the volume used for loading. On the other hand, if you are a businessman who carries out several activities in different fields, having a single transport vehicle is a major problem for your business. Then you need to choose an economical, practical and convenient solution: rent a commercial vehicle adapted to your professional activity. Renault was the first company to think of professionals and to develop a complete range for commercial vehicles. First of all, we mention the Renault Trafic launched in September 1980 with various modifications over time, it is a vehicle offering payloads from 800 to 1,400 kg. Another example is the Renault Master, which is larger and can handle 3.5 tonnes of goods. Moreover, we do not forget the Renault Kangoo which approved the marriage of the volume of a utility vehicle to the rear seat of a sedan, which gives it the opportunity to be a commercial and family car at the same time. Its real innovation is that it is equipped with a third sliding door that accentuates the practicality of the car. And for larger volumes, there is the Renault 20M3 Hayon, which combines robustness and lightness, allowing it to optimize its payload while offering a large load volume, ease of use and safety for the driver. Other car companies have inspired other commercial cars such as the Daily by Fiat.