Published on : 03 July 20192 min reading time

Following your arrival at the airport, too excited by the discovery of new landscapes, new corners of the earth, the first thing that comes to mind, how to travel in comfort? What is the car that has the ability to cross forests and explore pristine beaches? Certainly, the solution is to rent a 4×4.

It is an off-road vehicle equipped with 4-wheel drive, hence its name 4×4, has enough height to cross the various terrains in a relatively easy way.

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The Land Rover

Land Rover is a company specializing in off-road cars, created in 1948.

It gave birth to the Land Rover Sport, which is considered as “The Queen of 4x4s”.

Renting a Land Rover Sport you will be essential to explore pristine beaches and tropical forests and also to easily cross the mountains thanks to its all-wheel drive system. It is a very powerful sports car worthy of a stay in the heart of nature. Its lust ensures a long and comfortable journey.

Other houses such as the BMW and Audi have also specified a luxury 4×4 range such as the Audi Q5 which is a luxury car par excellence, spacious and elegant, practical and powerful that has evolved to give the Q7.

The BMW X5 launched in the spring of 2000, following its acquisition of Land Rover, the BMW took advantage of its know-how to develop the X5, then the X6 which is its coupé model.

The Mercedes

As for Mercedes, it has not neglected this kind of car, the rental of the Mercedes ML gives you absolute pleasure during a long trip, with its prestigious and sporty design at the same time, it provides comfort and safety if you plan to go around France with ease.