People like to spend their holidays in different ways: while some people prefer to limit their travel between the beach and the hotel bar, others are looking forward to travelling hundreds of kilometers in a week. Experienced travellers will all tell you that renting a car is one of the best ways to fully enjoy the experience once you get there. However, there are some pitfalls. And that's why - with the holiday season fast approaching - we've decided to prepare a list of simple tips to help you minimize the risks if you decide to rent a car abroad. You can also visit and learn more about car rental.

Choose a rental service

Choosing a car rental agency can be as easy as it is problematic. Some popular travel websites provide their customers with the best tools to compare prices and see the average rating of each rental agency according to their customers' opinions. However, a high score and a renowned brand are not enough to gain his trust. Most of the major rental companies are franchised. Therefore, if you have ever been very satisfied with the services and vehicles of a rental agency in Germany, do not expect the same services or quality of service from a rental agency of the same brand, based in Sicily for example. That's why we recommend that you look at the evaluations of car rental agencies located in the area where you plan to travel.

The art of pricing

In order to display very competitive prices, some smart rental agencies have more than one tour in their bag that allows them to announce to the customer a much higher price than the one initially announced. One of the most common of these techniques is gasoline. As a general rule, when you rent a car in a Western country, it is made available to you with a full tank of petrol, and you will - in turn - have to return the vehicle to the agency with a full tank. But if you couldn't go to a gas station on the way back, (which is often the case when you rent a car in the center of a big city), you will have to pay for it. And this obviously represents an enormous additional cost set according to the good faith of the agency manager.