The life of a businessman is a life full of prestige and inevitable opportunities, dinners, meetings that inflict a certain level of lust on you in order to be a successful businessman. Prestige is synonymous with strength, charm, lust, intelligence and rigidity, which is an asset for professionals. The choice of car is fundamental: renting a sedan can only increase your supply and satisfy your thirst. The sedans are distinguished by their lust, elegant and harmonious design, and surprising posture, which will seduce you at first sight. The Mercedes S-Class is a luxury limousine marketed since 1950; it is at the top of luxury car sales in the world. The name class S comes from the word Sonderklasse in German which means special class. It is very harmonious and very suitable to attract attention during a business dinner or an evening. The Mercedes CLS is a cut-off shape of the S class, very close even on the design side. Similarly, the Audi A4, which is a medium luxury car with a sporty and elegant design recommended for business travel and business meetings, can also be mentioned. There is another luxury car model that is different from Mercedes and Audi, the 4×4. The BMW Company bought the Land Rover Company, so it gave birth to the BMW X5 which is a powerful and prestigious 4×4. Of course, renting a sedan gives you pleasure and helps you conquer your opponents with lust.