Published on : 03 July 20193 min reading time

The rental of refrigerated trucks is always useful for professionals in the transport of food or items that need to be kept cool for a long time or a long journey. There are several criteria to consider when renting a refrigerated truck. It is a utility that allows the transport of food or products under controlled temperature, between -20°C and + 6°C. Thus, it transports perishable foodstuffs, such as frozen food, meat, fish, milk and dairy products, fruit and vegetables.

Operation of a refrigerated truck

With the rental of a refrigerated truck, you have at your disposal a vehicle equipped with mechanical refrigeration systems powered by low-displacement diesel engines or using carbon dioxide as a cooling agent. They are either equipped with doors opening to the sides or with a flexible door system that allows less cold to be lost. Renting a refrigerated truck is a real godsend since it can maintain temperatures between -40 and +20°C. Equipped with cold generating devices, these systems are designed to maintain a low temperature inside the truck. Ensure with the rental of a refrigerated truck that the thermal level is in adequacy with the specificities of the product you want to transport.

You should be aware that cold generating mechanisms have levels of complexity that must be taken into account. Indeed, the thermostat plays a role in controlling the proper functioning of the refrigeration unit. In addition, the air circuit has the function of propelling cold air inside the compartment. To make your truck’s movements easier, discover the advantages of a GPS tracker by visiting the Gataka website.

Chilled truck rental: advantages

The main advantage of renting refrigerated trucks is that they are equipped with a refrigeration unit. The latter is a device allowing the production of cold inside the isothermal body of the vehicle. Depending on the goods transported, the temperature may vary. Renting a refrigerated truck gives you the possibility to define in advance the desired temperature.  Thus, the advantages of the refrigerated truck are many. They make it easier to transport perishable foodstuffs and specific medicines. In addition, they have a high resistance to bad weather, such as very hot weather. In addition, renting a refrigerated truck guarantees that the cold chain is maintained.

Choosing your refrigerated truck

The first criterion to be taken into account when renting a refrigerated truck is temperature. Check if you can adjust it according to your load and the type of product you are transporting. Then you need to know the volume and payload of the truck. Before renting a refrigerated truck, it is important that you ask about the dimensions available in this utility category. Please consider the interior height and shape of the volume.

Another point that should not be overlooked is the power of the vehicle. You should be able to know the power by determining the load to be transported and the nature of the trips to be made. This will help you determine the engine power of your refrigerated utility vehicle. In fact, the more your load, the more you will need a powerful refrigerated truck. The equipment on some models such as power steering, power windows and cruise control can help you make your choice.