The sports car is a vehicle that favors driving performance, in general it has 2 doors and above all a very powerful engine because it is a car intended mainly for racing. For racing and speed enthusiasts, the sports cars on the market are very expensive since they are luxury cars, so I give you a very easy and economical solution is to rent a sports car.

The Porsche 991 Convertible S

For sports cars authorized for normal traffic, we mention the Porsche 991 Convertible S, which will be on sale from December 2011 and can reach speeds of up to 316 km/h. As for its very classy and prestigious design, it gives it a very special charm.

The charming Ferrari

We do not forget the Ferrari F430 which has been on the market since 2004 which remains a very powerful luxury car, because it can reach 315 km/h. These cars are sports cars but they are far from reaching the performance of sports cars. The racing car is more efficient in terms of driving and speed so that it can fulfill its natural role: winning a race. The Ferrari F12 berlinetta was unveiled to the public in 2012, more powerful than the Ferrari F1, it is a car for racing and long distances, it manages to reach 340km/h. As for the chassis, it is completely made of aluminium, giving a significant weight saving. In addition, the Lamborghini aventador, which reaches 370 km/h, is equipped with a monocoque carbon fiber chassis that allows it to lose weight and be even more rigid. Racing cars are not at the top of sales because they are expensive cars, so to try them and enjoy their performance your way out is: luxury car rental.